Design Process

I being with a comprehensive assessment of your needs. Once I get a handle on that we agree on a ‘scope of works’.

Once we agree on a scope of works we discuss your budget. I respect your budget and always try to maximise the value you get by stretching that dollar further.

The last step before work begins involves  agreeing on a fee structure. being either an hourly rate or a fixed fee.  In the event that we agree on an hourly rate I will provide you with an estimate of the number of hours that will be involved. This stage involves me invoicing for an initial period in advance.

Once the paperwork detailing the matters above is done I get to work. The initial work will vary depending on what the scope of the works is for example, if I am designing a room or rooms in your home I will start with some design concepts for you to sign off on.

Throughout the process I focus on maintaining clear and open communication. It is never just the final product I want you to enjoy, the process is just as important.

Please contact me to discuss your ‘scope of works’ and a quote.